Harrison Career Institute

Kansas City, Missouri 4 comments

I attended this school for a year for Dialysis technician.They closed without me receiving a certificate.

The doors were shut with no communication at all. Now I have the training and nothing to show for it. I can apply for a Dialysis Tech position but I have no certificate to validate my training. This is very upsetting to me.

I am being forced to take another training course which I hope doesnt end up the same. I also had to pay back a $10,000.00 loan for something I cant use. How can I get my money back?

Does anybody know.Is there a class action suit going on?

Review about: Certificate Issue.


Voorhees, New Jersey, United States #1191825

They did the same thing to me - different class but same thing. Still paying back those loans.


I have a number to get your certificate and transcripts

to Anonymous #1191828

Where do you get that #. I have someone asking for my transcripts.

to Anonymous Miami, Florida, United States #1289861

Hello, o would like that number please. I am looking to get my transcript and I am not able to.

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Harrison Career Institute - Closed institution without allowing me to complete my testing and receive certificate

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 37 comments

I am very upset with Harrison Career of wilmington.I attended this school for fourteen months.

I did my clinicals and finished with an A average. Since leaving the school without an official ceremony, I have been trying to track someone with connections to the school. It has come to knowledge that the school has shut down. I need to take my certification test in order to pursue my career in the medical field.Not to mention that I am still paying off loans that I had to get just to attend this technical school.Basically I am paying for something that I can not use.

Going through what I went through at HCI has taught me not to ever ever go to another technical school in my life.

Review about: Certificate For Certification.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1280937

Went to harrison career institute for cardiovascular technician for an entire year and showed up to school one day and they were closed down. No information no one to even ask, now I'm being stalked to pay a loan I have nothing to show for! Extremely pissed


i attend hci in philadelphia, and one day the feds came in and took all the computers and thats it the school was close. they just left us all hanging. i wish we can do something to sue this pigs.


i attend hci in philadelphia, and one day the feds came in and took all the computers and thats it the school was close. they just left us all hanging. i wish we can do something to sue this pigs.


has anyone found out where we can get a copy of our transcripts? they have to be out there

to eileen new jersey #1377378

I'm trying to find mines as well


My sister and I attended harrison career in Maryland, and let me tell you that school took our money. Now I'am stuck with outstanding student loans and jobless.the school were ghetto and so were the students.

to Mrs. Kagunyi Baltimore, Maryland, United States #724112

same here now they are nowhere to be located and we are still obligated to pay them loans


Im from bridgeton nj but live in pa


:? :cry :( :x :eek :roll :upset :sigh Ive been in everyones shoes with the Hci in vineland, nj.For everyone whos wages r garnished go to myeddebt.com then click GO-FORM-LOAN CANCELLATION-SCHOOL CLOSER follw these steps in exacat order.

This will allow u to print a app that u need to fill out n send off.

They investigate ur loan in 90 days then tell u if they cancel it or not.If they do they have to reimburse u for all the money u put out n that they garnished.

to Ashley Messer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #616136

hey i'm one of them as well, i don't why i have to pay something that i can't use are even take the exams.... i don't get it

to Ashley Messer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #616138

Post your comment on Philadelphia, PA Chanel 10 new, that's what i did.... the more everyone post the more they will look right into it

to mike #944462

Im sorry, im responding so late, but if you see this, what are the precise steps I have to take to post on there? Did you or anyone else get help from 10 news? you can and anyone can reach me at Queenam86@aol.com


I forget to mention the school I attended was in Clifton, New Jersey. If anyone get through to someone who know someone who can contact somebody to get something resolved..please put it on blast....

to Joann Concordia, Kansas, United States #1112398

same here, I been trying to get my transcript but dont know where to start if anyone knows please let me know thanks


I graduated HCI in 2003..the experience of meeting new friends was great but the experience of the being taught there was ridiculous.My class was without a teacher for about 2 weeks and when we did get a new teacher she was *** there younger than we were.

So unprofessional, they talked about how they would help you get a job in your field..all a lie, and trying to get certified(yeah right)..b4 I knew it the school was shut down..WHY??? Now a student loan I have to pay back for something that does me no good.

I'm writing a letter to 1600 Pennsylvania st,dr,ave,ln, Dear Mr.President.


I also attended Harrison Career Institute in Reading PA.They are a complete rip off!

My income tax check was taken from me after trying to file numerous complaints about paying back my student loans. No one will listen to my complaint or tell me where i needed to go to file a complaint. I am a single mother of three children and after sacrificing the time to go back to school i graduated with an A average and never received my diploma or information on how to take the state certification test for medical assisting.

If anyone has any info of where i can file a complaint or get help with this please email me @ edithavila71@yahoo.com.Any feedback is appreciated!


im going throught the same problem my incometax refund has been taken due to the fact I own a student loan by going to HCI if anyone have info please email me @celinealexandre28@hotmail.com


hello everyone.

I attended HCI in philadelphia and graduated in 2007 but never recieved my diploma. how do i go about getting my transcripts?


well I have rad all of these comments and yes : Im in the same exact Boat as everyone else I did however Graduate and pass my Broads but now that im trying to get into an LPN to RN program !! no school will except us with out it so now Im going to have to do a generic track RN program meaning 2 years instead of 3 semester's because of this so if anyone has luck please post so i can get mines


i'm so happy to have found this!I went to HCI in Reading Pa, this school lied from the beggining til the end when it abruptly closed while they kept on telling us not to worry that they were working on their legal issues and school wdn't close.

Same things i've been reading from different ppl from different campuses...no materials, self-teaching ourselves, loads of lies, not getting the classes said in curriculum, no books! using copies the instructor wd get for us from his book that cd hardly be read! i can go on and on! they preyed mainly on single mothers like me, trying to get a quick course that wd get me a better job to take care of my children.




Sorry meant what will I have to do?


Does any one know if I can still sit for my n-clex? I graduated in 2007 and what I woould ahve to do? Pease help :(


:? Hi everyone...I'm trying to enter an LPN to RN transition program @ my local county college, to do this I need my offical sealed transcipts from HCI...so I called the county college & asked them what I should do.they told me to call my state's dept.

Of education, which I did & they directed me to the dept of labor which handles business of closed private vocational schools.I left a message so hopefully someone will be calling me back soon & letting me know how to obtain my transcripts : )

to twpn8 #1010681

You should be able to call the Department of Education to receive the transcript. Hope this helps.

to twpn8 Deptford Township, New Jersey, United States #1011554

please have you heard how to get your transcripts something i have been trying to do for yrs now. please i need them


i am writing in response to this post i also have gone to HCI in 2007 for medical assisting at the newport,de location.and at which time it had closed and we were told dawn training center would pick us up.i however did not have the same time frame available as this school.

so i left all together and did no pay my loan back. well this past income tax time the government decided to take my loan of 4,000 out i had then gone and filled out the withdrawal loan application that u can recieve from the federal student loan. i just as of yesterday got a answer from the government stating that the school was at fault and i am being reimbursed in 4 wks my 4000.

so i cant stress enough to every PLEASE get this form so u can get reimbursed your loan amount!:)



Does anyone know how to get in contact with someone from HCI? We are all in the same boat; and me I need my transcript. Please e-mail me at almamaster@aol.com with any helpful informations.



does anyone know where I can get my transcripts please contact me @ prettyblueye44@yahoo.com I am moving and I am trying to get my license in another state and I can't do that unless I get my transcripts Please if anyone can help

Castro Alves, Bahia, Brazil #132347

My sister is going through this now. She has student loans to pay and no certification or transcripts or diploma. Anyone that has information that could help her, PLEASE email me at:



I graduated from HCI in 2004 and I am just finding out about this. I am wondering if my diploma is even valid.


I also attended HCI in 2003 was in their first LPN class which was horrible the DON of the program resigned in fear he might lose his license because the school was being ran improperly for weeks we were teaching ourselves the owner came in and pursuaded us to transfer our student loans to a private lending company which was another ripoff I did graduate but when the feds did seize all the paperwork he did not send everyones paper to a second location so now I have no proof that I even attended the school and I'm trying to get this ripoff loan company off my credit Mr.Cossimo did finally turn himself in he only got probation I think but what relief do the students get for attending this school in good business faith the government doesnt care because the owner can pay those hefty fines withe the money we invested


I attended HCI back in 2004.I soon noticed that this so called school was ***.

There was a new instructor every week, and ther were students themselves. There was no work going on other than reading books out loud every day. I made complaints and nothing came of it. I walked away having no more no knowledge than I did coming in, and with a debt that still follows me to this day.

I asked the dept of ed if there was anything that could be done because this school was basiclly a fraud. I got no help.

Then they up and dissappeared which just proves my point.I didn't even know other people went through the same thing WOW!


I am currently trying to fight a student loan from HCI.I was pushed out of the school in Feb of 07 instead of a normal grad date of Aug 07.

I read two weeks ago three people were indited for fraud with the loan money issue.. The student loan complany has no idea that the school has closed and now I have to be investigator in order to rpove this school is closed. Also for Jessica call your local Department of Ed they can give u a phone number to a agency like a work force that can get u a transcript.

If anyone has any suggestions for me please contact me.nitney_25@hotmail.com

Harvard, Illinois, United States #31958

I also attended HCI, finished the program, however I certified right away without any problems.The problem I am having now is that I am applying for nursing school and I cannot obtain an official transcript from these people.

It's like they disappeared off the face of the earth!:(


My school closed down to before I got my Certification for Medical Assisting.I had to certify all on my own.

I went through the Healthcareer Association to certify. Look, your school closed down so you are finished, you should go on and certify yourself. YOU CAN DO IT! About your LOANS, Call the Department of Education and tell them that your school closed down before you graduated.

YOU SHOULD NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THOSE LOANS. THEY WILL HELP YOU, TRUST ME! You can also fill out a Hardship Application about your financial situation and they will help.

Talk to a representative.Well good luck!

Lillington, North Carolina, United States #6410

Read your posts, figured i'd chime in.Depending on the state the school was located in, you might be ok.

Our good 'ol buddy commiso harrison may be hiding from the feds, or beefing up to withstand jail-house love reserved for individuals like him, but your records should be safe. Each school is required to keep secondary "safe" copies of transcripts. In pa, for instance, each school must have an institutional copy and send one copy to a "friendly" competing institution for safe keeping.

New Jersey has different rules, and Delaware is far less strict.Either way, contact the state department of education for more information, each state has a board that oversees these specific types of schools.



My wife finds herself in the same boat as you are in.We are currently gathering as much info as we can and then we are going to the media.

Google this out fit and you will see they have had many serious problems, including multi million dollar fines and judgements.E-mail me at retread720@yahoo.com if you want more info.

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